Problem of T10 Canbus Led

Do you think why do you customers always ask you canbus T10 Led bulb? Canbus T10 Led light is better than normal T10 led? These issue confused me about 6 months. One day, i talked this issue with our customer. He told me that canbus T10 is not better than normal T10 led. But most customers think that canbus T10 is easier fit for more vehicle and don't meet canbus problem. That's why they like to choose Canbus T10. 

In fact, only two function need canbus T10, Side marker and License Plate Light. Other function can choose normal T10 led. Most of canbus T10 led used side marker easy to burn, and life time is very short. We also noticed this issue, so we developed K6-T10 canbus led for side marker in 2016. Till now, K6-T10 is champion product.

For sure, just a little vehicle K6-T10 can't solve, such as VW. The computer will meet warning.