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1).What is the difference between the LED light bar spot and flood beam patterns?

The flood beam can be visually identified by it's higher trough, compared to the spot. Our flood LED light bar illuminates at a wider beam angle, but does not go as far. The spot beam can be visually identified by it's lower trough, compared to the flood. Our spot led light bar illuminates at a greater distance, but does not reach as wide of an area. Both of these lights are great for their individual purposes.

2).What is the LED lighting bar combo beam patterns?

 In many of our lights, the optics are offered in a combination of flood and spot as well, to provide the best lighting possible.

3).Why is the LED work light bar cooling important?

Keeping LEDs cool is the key to a reliable unit. The high power led beads that are used in super bright units will create a lot of heat. Bad heat dissipation will cause a lot of problem:
Decreased light output
Discolored light output
Reduced efficiency
Shorter lifespan
Unit failure