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We found many copy and fake N1 or S1 led headlight kit came into the market! If you feel nauseous to the fake or copy N1 or S1 led headlight, its your best time to counterattack them by N1S led headlight. [readmore]
How to compare LED headlight installed in no projector lens, and halogen bulb installed in projector lens? [readmore]
Generally, when we installed a new led turn signal light in the car, the light happens hyper flash. That is a common canbus issues.Now, no more to worried about you need to add extra led resistors. CN360 New Canbus turn signal light born for anti hyper flash. It is plug and play and built-in load resistor. [readmore]
Recently, George Patton announced the official listing of its chariots and the new War Sword models. The G.Patton GX was a replacement for the previous generation of the George Barton. It was based on the new generation of Ford F-350s, and it also replaced Ford's latest 3.5T engine. [readmore]
Recently, Mercedes-Benz released an official picture of a group of V-class Night Edition models. The new car has added some black paint and AMG kits on the exterior, and the visual effect has been more radical. It is reported that the car will be sold in Germany in early June. [readmore]
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