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CN360 High Quality SMD2020 4M4 Series Automotive Led Bulbs
2018-03-23 15:33:38
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Hi everyone,

Today we are here to introduce our new design 4M4 automotive led bulbs.

1. Better heat transfer of the light body 
Full aircraft aluminum light body design to enhance SMD2020 4M4 Series automotive led bulbs with perfect heat dissipation. The light body will get hot when working, since it provides a better heat transfer for the bulb, so the heat will not last within the light body.

2. Luminous point is more concentrated, strong light output

4M4 Series Automotive Led Bulbs used high quality SMD2020 led chips which is 5W per chip. It is 4 emitting sides to achieve 360 degree light beam pattern.

3. Four colors for choice.

4M4 automotive led bulb available for white, warm white, yellow and red.



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