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Automotive Lighting Functions Summary
2018-07-20 15:49:17
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Automotive lighting just like person, different people has different job. But do you know their functions?


1, Headlight.

It divided into high beam and low beam. It’s main purpose to provide safety driving to see clear road or other things.


2, Side marker.

It's a warning light to notify other drivers should be careful. Usually it installed in the top of the car so that can judge the vehicle height and width.


3, Turn Signal light.

If we need to change another path, turn on it to warn opposite or behind driver should be careful.

1)Front turn signal light, which closed to the headlight to notify front vehicle.

2)Back turn signal light, which installed in the back of vehicles to notify the behind vehicle.


4, Fog light.

It better to be used in foggy day, snowy day, raining day or dusty day, to provide good light penetration.


5, Daytime running light.

Belongs to signal light, when the vehicles start, it will be lighting.


6, Back-up light.

Installed in the back of vehicles to notify be careful.


7, License plate light.

Installed in the top of license plate to offer lighting to see clearly.


8, Dashboard light.

Connected with the dashboard, usually it is white light.


9, Trunk light.

Belong to the trunk, usually it is the white color.


10, Map light / dome light

To providing clear lighting when drivers check map.


11, Atmosphere light.

It used to create atmosphere, adopted different colors with different feelings. 


12, Step Lamp.

To offer lighting when the passengers get on and off.

Better Light, Better Life!