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CN360 Canbus 921 T15 led backup reverse light
2018-07-24 17:53:49
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CN360 team never ever sop developing new products!

As we know, the led back-up light reverse light installed in the back of vehicles to notify be careful, which requires high brightness bulb to light the rear ground and be more safer. CN360 latest 5U10-T15 led back up light is your best choice!

Firstly, error free Canbus led T15.

Built-in Canbus which resolve bulb out error for most of the car, no error message and hyper flash.


Secondly, extremely Bright led SMD.

5U10-T15 back-up light equipped with high quality SMD3030 led chips, extremely Bright 400 lumen each bulb with Xenon White 6000k. Same design as halogen bulbs, one second to install it.


Thirdly, Full Aluminum body built.

Five emitting sided design to achieve 360-degree light output. Full aluminum body built with optimal heat dissipation.




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