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M2 led headlight- Very easy to install and makes a world of difference
2019-03-19 17:37:47
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Customer Rick said: So I got M2 LED headlight testing for my car Honda jazz gen one. This was an excellent replacement. Complete plug n play. My previous bulbs in the car were 6k LED, and now I believe I was cheated on because these LED ones are 6k as well, but even brighter!

The best thing about this is the adapter ring. You basically can adjust the focusing yourself without going into the headlight assembly. As you can see in the picture, the lights are super bright and almost straight.

The material feels high quality used aviation aluminum 6063 material and so far it has been handling the cold like nothing. Been around 20-30 for the past two weeks and it runs like new!

True Plug n Play - no converter box or anything needed
Adapter Ring makes it easy to rotate the light to focus correctly
True 6K brightness
Integrated fan isn't loud, so you can't hear it if the engine is off
Handles cold weather with no issues!

Don't perform well in the projector


CN360 M2 led headlight used aviation 6063 Aluminum alloy, it adopted innovative double layer copper PCB which provides a perfect heat dissipation. So LED chips would not burn out easily, it will make M2 led headlight with longer lifespan and working stable.

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