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Real OEM Led Bulbs for Car
2017-04-18 15:43:57
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Many of CN360 fans ask, Why you keeping R&D new product?!

We never ever stop developing new products, innovation and embracing change are both our ! CN360 core competence
Today we would like to share everybody with our 3020 12SMD 660Lumen led bulbs, which is showing in the Canton Fair and getting nice feedback now~
♠.It is real 100% the same size as the OEM bulbs, for 1156 led bulbs is 43mm height, which is better fitter!
♠.New 3020 12SMD led is well rounded light emission from 5 LED panels to improve efficiency by up to 97%
♠.Adopting the aluminum substrate allows for 300 times better rate of heat disbursement compared to fiberglass.
If three distinctive features can not make you convinced, testing will make you totally amazing!

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