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Which headlamp is strong? Xenon headlights VS LED headlights
2018-04-09 11:31:38
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Which headlamp is strong? Xenon headlights VS LED headlights

Car headlights have always been a place where people pay more attention to car purchases. On the one hand, headlights are a safety guarantee for traveling at night. On the other hand, what kind of headlights are used also indicates the level of the car. Today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of xenon lamps and LED headlamps.

Performance is OK ~ Xenon headlights

Xenon headlights are the first choice for owners of many private headlights. Because they bought a low-grade model, they changed the halogen lamp to helium.

Advantages: High brightness, long irradiation distance, power consumption is nearly half lower than that of halogen, and the service life is longer.

Disadvantages: The lights are blue and white, and they are very irritating to the eyes and can easily be stunned by far-light dogs. The penetrating power is very poor, and the rain and fog weather basically loses effect. The headlights have a delay when they are turned on, and usually they are fully lighted after 5 seconds.

Mainstream high-end ~ LED headlights

The principle of LED is to use the semiconductor chip to emit light. It is a relatively high-end automobile headlight on the market and has many advantages. However, it is usually a high-end model.

Advantages: very low energy consumption, one-half of the halogen lamp, can instantly light the light source, without waiting, and the irradiation distance is long, the penetration is also very strong.

Disadvantages: It will generate a lot of heat when it emits light, which requires high heat dissipation, so the cost is high and the price is expensive.


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