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We found some led headlight has super brightness, but it has lower lux performance. But CN360 F2 led headlight kit can make this in real. High lux with high brightness to get high performance on the road. Also with C6 led anti-flicker to o win better user's experience. [readmore]
Some customers asked us, when they turn on the low beam, they found the right light has longer distance than the left? Does it has something wrong with their headlight? [readmore]
Car headlights have always been a place where people pay more attention to car purchases. On the one hand, headlights are a safety guarantee for traveling at night. On the other hand, what kind of headlights are used also indicates the level of the car. Today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of xenon lamps and LED headlamps. [readmore]
Thanks for you always attention to CN360 auto led lights. Today we introduce two 2018 new SMD car led bulbs to you. [readmore]
CN360 Team will take part in 123rd Canton Fair in Guangzhou from 15th to 19th , April, 2018. Our booth No. Is 6.1 B42. There are latest led headlight bulb and SMD auto led bulbs will be shown on our booth. [readmore]