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After work in led lights market for 5years, we CN360 have such ability for R&D high cost effective led bulbs based on your needed. GS series is that kind of led bulb who meet stable quality and reasonable price. [readmore]
Dear Sir, How are you? 2017 Autumn Canton Fair from 15th-19th Oct., CN360LED will be in PaZhou exhibition (booth No.:6.1 H33-34) with newest high cost performance products for highlight your market. [readmore]
But for CN360 canbus SMD2835 T15 led bulb, its temperature become higher after working for a while. Its power will be decreased a little, because it doesn't have insert intelligent temperature controlled components, but its canbus function doesn't be influenced. [readmore]
One mysterious effect of friendship lies in that if you tell your joy to your friend, your joy will double, and that if you pour your sorrow to your friend, your sorrow will be reduced by half. [readmore]
The dollar is falling, but the enthusiasm for us to R&D led lights is running high! CN360LED have just launched T8 led headlight. [readmore]