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Do you believe CN360 launch a led headlight with super mini dimension? 2018 innovative deisgn to meet more customers' need. [readmore]
Do you know how do the led switchback bulbs work? [readmore]
We are required to manufacture the lower end led headlight to match the market with price around 7usd. We did try for more than 6 months for heat sink design, material selecting and light beam pattern consideration. But all of these are not pass our testing. We have our own strict standards for every R&D product, we are not only need to responsible for your profit, but also your reputation as a partner and friend. [readmore]
As we know, the led back-up light reverse light installed in the back of vehicles to notify be careful, which requires high brightness bulb to light the rear ground and be more safer. CN360 latest 5U10-T15 led back up light is your best choice! [readmore]
Automotive lighting just like person, different people has different job. But do you know their functions? [readmore]