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Thanks for your always support and trust CN360 team. In the new year 2018, we will always keep our enthusiasm to provide you good products and good service. Let's review what are the led headlight kits we lanched in 2017. [readmore]
Buyers Guide CN360 2017 Top 1 Brightest F2 Led Headlight Bulb Reviews. Are you looking for high brightness led headlight bulb with longer life span and good performance? Here are the buyers guide for you about our brightest F2 led headlight kit. [readmore]
Due to the upgrading of CN360 Car led light and the cooperation of the headlight mode factory, we won’t keep the raw material in stocks for the 3S led headlight kit and 6HL led headlight kit. Now we adjust the MOQ. [readmore]
"We tested F2 auto led headlight bulb for 12 hours and it just dropped a bit of brightness, you can see the strong light down the far distance! Its open fan and external driver is perfect for extreme heat and humidity weather in Indonesia!". So, why our CN360 F2 auto led headlight bulb achieved great breakthrough? [readmore]
According to CN360 customer feedback. Some customers have encountered some headachy problems when installed the led headlight bulb in their cars, such as flickering, radio interference and other error issues.Now, CN360 C6 led headlight warning canceller solve all of your issues! [readmore]