Red Small Led W21W 7440 Turn Light Car Retrofit
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Product Model

  • Product Name :2GS12-7440-W
  • Visits:110
  • Remarks Name:2GS12-7440-W
  • Manufacturer:CN360
  • Chip:SMD2835
  • Power :12W
  • Voltage:10V-16V
  • Electric current:500±20
  • Lumen:550
  • Product feature:Eco-friendly
  • Shipments:100000PCS
  • Package :Anti-bag, box, OEM
  • Verify:CE, RoHS
  • Delivery :3-7 Working days
  • Customs Code:8512201000
  • Available colors :White, warm white


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Any updated of CN360LED Red Small Led W21W 7440 Turn Light Car Retrofit?

Chips: new W21W 7440 Turn Light Car Retrofit is equipped with 2 pieces of SMD2835 chips each bulb, for up to 250 raw lumens of light output.

Aluminum substrate: Fast thermal diffusion, heat-resistant, and built-in components to prevent to prevent digital and VHF radio signal interference.

IC: Equipped with constant-current driving IC which ensures maximum light output and will ensure a longer life span compared to counterfeit LED bulbs.

Lighting: Equipped with 2PCS of 2835-SMD LED chips, light emits from 180° to improve light utilization efficiency by up to 97%.

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