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A New Member - High-quality LED Headlight Bulbs
2024-03-09 09:39:19 View Counts:

A New Member - High-quality LED Headlight Bulbs

More and more cars are being equipped with OEM LED headlights bulbs instead of halogen bulbs. The continuous technological innovation in automotive LED lighting is driving the market forward, and people's demands for LED headlights are diverse. What kind of LED headlight bulbs will win clients’ trust and favor? Undoubtedly, the answer lies in being brighter, more durable, and energy-efficient. Simultaneously, the continuously improving intelligent functions such as adaptive headlights and beam adjustment are among the advantages of new LED headlight bulbs that will win clients’ trust.

CN360LED team designed an intelligent headlight bulb, F10P series, which is high-brightness, energy-saving, and features three adjustable power & brightness and a strobe mode.
Some wholesalers may question why we designed three adjustable outputs instead of just one maximum to reduce cost. Different power outputs are suitable for different driving conditions. Low power is for low-speed driving, medium power for driving at a constant speed on city road, and high power for high-speed driving on highway.
By utilizing the corresponding power output in different driving conditions, energy can be saved reasonably while ensuring safe driving to the maximum. But if your clients prefer the highest brightness in any driving conditions, we also offer a version of F10 series only with a highest  output.

Check more details of the interesting F10P series below.

Three adjustable power output & a strobe mode
F10P series adopts customized 7547 LED module chips for higher brightness.
After you turn on the headlight, the three power output and strobe mode could be controlled by the wireless remote control.
Low power is 68W 5367Lm, and 59W 4673Lm at stable.
Medium power 102W 7657Lm, and 85W 6422Lm at stable.
High power is 125W 9207Lm, and 109W 7920Lm at stable.

The F10P series also has a strobe mode. In the event of an emergency, the driver can activate the strobe mode to warn vehicles in front or behind.

Exceptional cooling system
Even in the low power, F10P achieves a stable power output of 59W, with F10P reaching a peak output of 125W in high power output. A high-quality cooling system is crucial to maintaining such high output while ensuring a long lifespan.
We used copper substrate and dual copper pipes for accelerated heat conductivity, ensuring that electronic components remain undamaged by high temperatures. The outer housing is made of  aluminum for fast heat dissipation. The base with grids of bulb and fan design rotating at 10,000 rpm to accelerate air circulation and heat dissipation. Such a high-quality heat dissipation system ensures that the F10P series does not burn out at the highest power 125W, ensuring long lifespan.

Optional models
F10P series is available in models of H7, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, H1, 880/881, H4, check the dimensions below.

F10P series has been well-received in South American market since its launch in Dec.2023, more and more wholesalers are starting to explore unique products, we believe that F10P would be the next HOT bulb in your market.

360 International Group Ltd is a global supplier for automotive lighting since 2009, with strong R&D department, strict QC team and professional sales team with average of 7 years experience in automotive lighting, we welcome you to become a local distributor for CN360LED.