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F5 LED Headlight Bulbs
2021-03-23 16:29:39 View Counts:

Car technology is gradually evolving, innovation and technology will be the perpetuation topic.
Car LED Light manufacture innovative it from its chips, heat dissipation design, IC etc. As we known, S2/N2 LED headlight bulb are the mature product which launched in 2016, it had the high acception and popular in the middle-end market. For that matter, a tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. Since 2017, manufactureers are keen on high lumen and small volume headlight bulbs. Can't but admit that there are many copy came into the market, and the S2/N2 has been strongly impact by their extremely bad quality and low price. To choose one bulb which has the same quality and similar price as S2/N2, so we launched the F5 LED Headlight bulb. Way to go, F5 LED Headlight!

So what makes F5 headlight different?
1. Custom-made LED chips
F5 LED Headlight bulb is imported intelligent high-brightness lamp chips. Which is with vacuum patch, seamless press connection process.2600Lumen output for brightness gurantee,  throw lighting on the road with long distance and strong center light for the safe driving.

2, Heat dissipation Equipment
Intelligent frequency conversion heat dissipation, EMC intelligent temperature control and Turbo cooling fan for power saving and achieve super long life.

3, 360° Adjustable Socket
When installation a new led into the reflector, we make need to adjust  the socket accordingly. 360° adjustable socket adjustable light type perfect outline light type.

4, Installation convience
F5 led headlight is with extreme compact and tiny lamp body, moreover, F5 LED headlight is build in driver. That is really a good news for those limited space in the headlight housing, and those dust cover can’t be mounted back closely.

More product information, please check below video. 

We never ever stop development!