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2021-11-03 15:28:49 View Counts:

OEM LED headlight units comes direct from the factory and are fitted at time of vehicle purchase, or as a factory upgrade (AKA factory fitted).

Typically, before purchasing a new headlight, you’ll be asked if the new headlight will 100% easy to install, if the new headlight bright enough, if the new headlight with standard cut line etc.

Each concern presented uses a different type of technology and they all offer a variety of benefits.

CN360LED OEM LED Bulbs units are exactly as you are looking for.

High brightness LED Chips

Each LED of the OEM LED Bulbs series uses 6 pcs 80MIL*80MIL high-quality super-large-size LED light-emitting chip, which is currently the lamp with the largest light-emitting area in the car light market. The larger the chip area, the larger the light-emitting area. Generally, chips with the same power and large chip area have higher luminous flux and luminous efficiency. The 3 LED chips on one side are the closest to the halogen lamp filament, which is why CN360 OEM LED Bulbs series can provide brighter lighting effects while ensuring the light type.

Efficient heat conduction and rapid heat dissipation
When the LED car lights are working, the LED Chips will generate lights and beacome heat, which is limited by the difference between the heat dissipation structure of the LED and the quality of the LED Chip. Usually, the luminous efficiency of LED car lights is less than 30%, which means that 1W of power will produce More than 70% of calories. To avoid light decay, dimming of car lights or burnout of LED Chips, CN360 OEM LED Bulbs series adopts more efficient heat pipe + copper substrate to conduct heat. The 1.8MM thick copper base matches the 2.0MM heat pipe, and its thermal conductivity is several times that of copper. The heat can be transferred to the radiator when the lamp bead heats up, ensuring that the lamp bead can effectively cool down and maintain efficient light emission. CN360 OEM LED Bulbs series is matched with a 40mm-50mm large seven-leaf double-ball fan, which discharges the heat from the lamp body in the most efficient way, reduces the temperature of the LED car lamp most effectively, and ensures the product's service life and stable light efficiency.

Special car dust cover & turbo ventilation cooling system
Refitting or not installing the dust plug will cause the risk of water and dust. Forcibly covering the dust plug will challenge the heat dissipation of LED lights. CN360 OEM LED Bulb series develops a dust cover adapted to special LED for each special vehicle. While ensuring the heat dissipation space, the risk of dust and water ingress is rejected.

Best light type and installation experience...

We never ever stop development!