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Simplest upgrade ever from HID to LED D series bulbs!
2020-05-27 00:00:52 View Counts:

Today, many cars comes with OEM HID headlight kit, brands like BMW, CHEVROLET, Ford, Mercedes, etc. It is easy to find a lot of LED headlight bulb options in the aftermarket. However, few manufacturers can offer you a good LED bulb installation solution for the vehicles equipped with HID from factory.

Customer: I don’t want a normal D2 LED that needs to bypass the original ballast to power the new bulbs. Do you have any real plug & play bulb that can connect with OEM ballast?
CN360LED: Yes, we do. Recently we just presented new upgrade D series LED headlight bulbs with OEM style plug. It can perfectly replace HID bulbs with a true plug & play installation!

Are you also tired of wiring modifications and hassle of adding decoder? D series LED headlight conversion kit will bring you the simplest and best plug & play fitting experience. No wiring cutting, no splicing, no error issue!
It needs only 3-step process
①take out the OEM HID bulbs
②put the CN360 new LED D series bulbs into the headlamp
③connect them with the OEM ballasts.
Super easy to do it even without a professional help.

How did we manage that?
✔Universal adapter + OEM style plug design
New D series bulbs are available in D1S/R, D2S/R, D3S/R, D4S/R and new introduced D5S and D8S. The bulb adapter commonly fits “S”, “R” or “C” type D series HID. Each model is designed with a OEM plug that perfectly work with OEM Xenon ballast. So the LED bulb can be directly powered by the ballast, there is no need to do the extra difficult work of cutting or splicing wires to power it. Are you excited for the real plug and play installation?

✔Better beam pattern and 150% brighter than HID!
The special part of new D series bulb is its horizontal chip-set design. The traditional one used to be vertical direction. But after our research and comparison, we were surprised to find out that horizontal type performs better than the other one, giving out a wider beam pattern and larger clear hot spot area in the center. By adopting custom made LED chip-set, we managed to get 150% brighter result in LED than HID. No more worries about that you’ll get a dimmer LED after replacement!

✔Perfect match with OEM specification
Each LED model is consistent with the voltage and power of stock xenon bulb. The external intelligent canbus driver directly interfaces with ballast and achieves 99% decoding.
Compared to HID, new D series LED kit can light up instantly and get to the maximum brightness level, saving the warm up time. HID working temperature is up to 300°C, while our LED D series bulb operates below 80°C with a high speed turbo cooling fan, which significantly improves LED bulb lifespan.

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CN360LED will never ever stop developing!