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Lumos F1 Series Mini LED Bulb

Lumos F1 Series Mini LED Bulb

  • Features

    1,  High light efficiency LED chip, no drak area

    2, Automated production to reduce defective rate
    3, The overall lines of the shape are smooth and beautiful, and the triangular pattern design gives it a unique highlight
    4, The combination of soft and hard light panels has good heat dissipation and strong light effect.

    Technical Parameters

Items F1-1156-W-180° Output (mA) 0.74A±0.06A


Chips SMD4014/2835
Voltage DC 9V-18V LED Quantity 35PCS
Color      White/Amber/Red   Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan     >15,000 hours    Usage

Back-up Light
Rear Fog Light

360° Illumination
With high-efficiency LED beads emitting light in every direction, the F1 LED signal bulbs ensure that your signals are seen from all angles, enhancing safety and visibility on the road.

Optimized Structure
Through structural optimization and automated production, we've significantly reduced the defect rate, ensuring that each F1 car LED bulb meets the highest quality standards.

Elegant Design
The sleek, flowing lines of the car led bulb of F1 series bulbs are complemented by a unique triangular pattern, adding an exclusive touch of elegance that sets your vehicle apart.

Advanced Technology
Our innovative combination of soft and hard lamp boards results in superior heat dissipation and powerful light efficiency, keeping the bulbs cool and bright.

The F1 car LED Signal Bulbs are more than just indicators; they are a beacon of innovation, guiding you with confidence and style on every journey.
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