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A8 led kit 9005 for Auto Led headlight bulbs

A8 led kit 9005 for Auto Led headlight bulbs

  • Features

    1. Excellent spotlighting effect
    2. Sharp cut line to minimize glare
    3. Adjustable base positions bulb perfectly
    4. Real hydraulic oil-sealed fan with 8,000 rpm guarantee lifespan
    5. Similar models: 9005, 9006, 9012, H10


 Technical Parameters

Item A8-9005, 9006, 9012, h10 Power 25W/bulb (Real power)
Lumens 2500lm/bulb (Real Lumen) Chips Sanan
Voltage DC 12V LED Quantity 2PCS
Color Temp. 6500K Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >8,000 hours Usage Headlight

Real A8 led kit 9005 for Auto Led headlight bulbs testing

Characteristic of A8 led lights H4 for Auto Led headlight bulbs

1. A8 Led headlight kit is with the illuminating core adopts single-sided copper substrate double-sided patching process, the lamp bead spacing is the smallest, the concentrating effect is excellent, 1.5MM thermoelectric separation copper substrate, the side is made of gold processing, more elegant, the patch cavity rate is processed within 3%.
2. A8 Led headlight kit radiators is on both sides of the lamp board are made of high-conductivity aviation-grade aluminum. The integrated CNC is machined and formed. Its two sides are clamped closer to the copper base plate to reach the fan position. The maximum area contact, reduce the intermediate link and the heat dissipation is super fast. Even if the fan is removed, the lamp beads will not burn out.
3. Easy to install, H1/H7/H11/9005/9006/9012 models can rotate the angle of the lamp body, adjust the light shape, not only adapt to various vehicles, but also adapt to various new headlight assemblies.
4. A8 Led headlight kit is with the external drive side, which is out of the line and can be disassembled for easy installation. Can be built-in or external.
5. Seven-leaf trowel blade design, real hydraulic oil-sealed fan, the air volume is large, the voice is small, the speed is about 8000 rpm, to guarantee A8 Led headlight kit's stable quality.

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