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C6 H4 Error Free Car Headlight LED Decoder

C6 H4 Error Free Car Headlight LED Decoder

  • Features

    C6 LED Decoder will help you solve below problems
    1. Light turns on and off intermittently.
    2. Light out error on dash.
    3. Light flickering.


 Technical Parameters

Item C6-H4 Power 6.5W/13.5V
Voltage DC9V-16V Other models

9004/ 9005/ 9006/ 9007/ 9012/ 5202/ H1/ H3/ H7/ H10/

H11/ H12/ H13/ H16/ D1/ D2/ D3/ D4/ P13/ PSX24

Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃ Usage Headlight Decoder

Characteristic of C6 H4 Error Free Car Headlight LED Decoder
1. Cancel Error message cause by OBC (On-Board Computer) Check
2. Not cutting or splicing! Simply twist your LED bulb onto the base, and twist the other end into your existing bulb socket.
3. Compatible for 95% vehicle with CANBUS systems including european and domestic vehicles.
4. Cross Reference(Fitment): H4, 9003,HB2 . Easy installation, 100% plug and play.

How to use?
1. Check the original bulb type, then choose the right adapter.
2. Connect the female socket to LED Headlight, and connect the other terminal to car socket. Pay attention to positive and nagative wiring

Notice: CN360 C6 LED Decoder generate heat up to 70℃. If your headlamp has dust cap, it is recommended to wire the control box outside the dust cap to avoid prekature failure caused by excessive heat inside the headlamp. Please make sure to attached the C6 LED Decoder to a metal or plastic surface. You can use the double-sided sticker, straps provided. Or utilize any existing holes and fasteners inside the engine bay.

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