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Canbus No Hyper Flash 1157 Brake Light

Canbus No Hyper Flash 1157 Brake Light

  • Features

    1, CN360 Exclusive distributor 7KG26 Smart Canbus 1157 Brake Light

    2, 3157 and 7443 canbus led bulb suit for CK socket
    3, Double-panel design of aluminum substrate, built-in import Smart IC and Inductor
    4, Size with 1156 1157 7440 7443 3156 and 3157
    5. Color with white, red and amber



Technical Parameters

Item 7KG26-1157-R Output (mA) H: 1.9 ± 0.1A/12V L:0.23 ± 0.02mA/12V
Lumens H: 557LM L: 285LM Chips SMD3020
Voltage DC 9V-16V LED Quantity 26PCS
Color Red Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >10,000 hours Usage Brake Light, Parking Light and Stop Light

Product features

Fully aviation grade aluminum lamp body
Reducing projector lens design ont the top, no glare
Original Plug Design, suit for CK socket
Hole design, increasing air convection

SMD3020 Led Chip
The light beam pattern is focus and brightness,and 120LM per watt
Low temperature and keep stable lumens
100% SMT made to control high quality and reduce defective rate  

Light beam pattern
6 sided lighting emitting, no any shadow, and more focus
The light is wide and long distance, best for reverse light

Full aluminum PCB
Built-in import Smart IC and Inductor

Before installation, please verify that the bulbs are the appropriate size for your application
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