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D1S D1R LED Headlight Bulbs

D1S D1R LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Features

    1, Plug and play, non-damage replacement.
    2, Quick start, brightness increased by 150%.
    3, Error Free canbus solve 99% decoding problems.
    4, Turbo fan combined with copper kit, super heat dissipation.


Technical Parameters

Item ZD-D1S/R Heat Dissipation System Copper + Aluminum
Lumens 4200lm/bulb Chips Custom-Made
Voltage DC 85V LED Quantity 2PCS
Color Temp. 6000K Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >1,0000 hours Usage LED Headlight bulb

Characteristic of D1S D1R LED Headlight Bulb

Our Extreme D series LED bulb reach 99% decoding and passing installation. They're non-damage replacement, and power and brightness exceed HID much farther
With original lamp 1:1 body design, fit into the original car perfectly with our any modification. This product directly interfaces with the original car HID ballast, truly achieves non-destructive upgrade, does not need to make any changes to the line, does not damage the original car AFS and auxiliary functions, reach 99% decoding.
High brightness D series LED is + 150% brighter than the original car HID.
You will be amazed by the power output by the same size of your original bulbs. To combine with copper set and turbo fan design makes it capable stable lumen with long life-span, up to 10, 000 hours of real working hours.

1.This product is only suitable for upgrading the original car with HID Xenon lamp function, not suitable for halogen lamp model upgrade.
2.Currently available models are D1S/D2S/D2R/D3S/D4S/D4R/D5S/D8S
3.D3S/R LED kit can ONLY be applied to D3S or D3R HID replacement, and NEVER be applied to D1S or D1R HID replacement, it will cause HID ballast burnt;
4.Turn on your car when both of LED headlights are well installed, NEITHER stay with one LED and one HID, NOR stay with one LED and one out of bulb;
5.Do not install the driver or CanBus box quite close to projector and block the moving angle of projector lens, or it will cause AFL error on dash.

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