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10000 lumen Extreme performance Turbocool F3S Car Led Headlight H11

10000 lumen Extreme performance Turbocool F3S Car Led Headlight H11

  • Features

    1. Incredibly high lumen, upto real lumen of 4500Lumen.
    1. Small bulb size and return driver design, better for instllation.
    3. No error problem, powered by advanced technology 45W LED drivers.
    4. Powerful turbo 10,000RPM ball fan and Vacuum heat dissipation for improve cooling efficiency.
    5. Similar models: H11, H8, H9
    ***Silver or black color are available


 Technical Parameters

Item F3S-H11/H8/H9 Power 45W/bulb (Real power)
Lumens 4500lm/bulb (Real lumen) Chips High Powe Led Chipset G-XP
Voltage DC 12V LED Quantity 2PCS
Color Temp. 6500K Application Temp -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >8,000 hours Usage Headlight

Characteristic of F3 9005 Extremely Bright 14000 Lumen dual ball fan LED Headlight Bulb

F3S led headlight is the upgrade version of F3. Based on the advantages of F3, F3S become the leader of car led headlight!
1. CANBUS / PMW Solutions
The F3S is with real high power of 45W performance for one bulb, which makes it ever triumphant for headlight modified solution.
No needs to add canbus harness, save cost and time.

2. Operating Life or Lifespan
F3S Led headlight adopted powerful turbo 10,000RPM ball bearing fan perfectly achieve high efficient heat dissipation but avoid volatilize and cause noise problems. What is more, vacuum liquid conduction system greater improves its cooling efficiency.

3. Installation Passability
Irrefutable heat dissipation solution and extra driver design enable F3S be equipmented with real compact tiny size while with reliable cooling system!

4. Luminous Flux Performance
High output peformance LED Chipset give F3S headlight reach real lumen of 4,500 allowing F3 to re-define your concepts of LEDs light and vision.

All CN360 lighting products are fully tested and measured using an integrating sphere and spectroradiometer, to provide the exact color and true total lumen output. Below is CN360 F3S real testing datas.


Please rotate the lamp body by tool if light beam pattern is not good, see below instruction.

Below are CN360 Recommendation for refit your Car lights to our LED Light, more professional suggestion please contact us directly!


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