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High power Tiny halogen M5P LED Headlight 9006

High power Tiny halogen M5P LED Headlight 9006

  • Features

    1, Adopted multi-layer cooling fins
    2, Applied with high-speed hydraulic fan
    3, Equiped with square high thermal conductivity copper tube
    4, Super power of compactness of 40W High power and 4000M high power
    5, Similar models: 9005, 9006, 9012


Technical Parameters

Item M5P-9005|9006|9012 Power 40W±10% (Real power)
Lumens 4000LM Chips Custom-made G-XP
Voltage DC 12V LED Quantity 2PCS
Color Temp. 6000K Application Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >10,000 hours Usage LED Headlight

Characteristic of Integration Tiny Auto Led Headlight 9006

High brightness and high power
Super power of compactness! Adopted high brightness G-XP led chips, reach 40W 4000LM per bulb.

Advanced Cooling System
Super Square high thermal conductivity copper tube to conducted most heat from inner chips, multi-layer cooling fins to enlarge heat dissipation areas, high-speed hydraulic fan improve cooling efficiency.

Top war shield design
Ultra strong metalic texture, developed a 1:1 design to replace your xenon light bulb so it fits directly into your existing housing.

Getting sick and tired of your dim factory headlights? Upgrade with a set of bright M5P LED headlight bulbs will light your trip! M5P led headlight is the headlight which with integrate lamp body but super heat dissipation system. 40W real power plus with 4000lumen real lumen for per bulb, why not give M5P a shot?

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