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Cool white 2nd ZES ZES 5,000Lumen 7S Led Headlight Bulb 9005

Cool white 2nd ZES ZES 5,000Lumen 7S Led Headlight Bulb 9005

  • Features

    1. Good lighting pattern-with next Gen ZES chips
    2. High efficiency with RFI protection
    3. Small External IC Driver for better fitting, Nano-waterproof design.
    4. High reflective electroplated chrome material, full aluminum external driver
    5. Similar models: 9005, 9006, 9012, H10


Technical Parameters

Item 7S-9005/ 9006/ 9012 Power 25W
Lumens 5000LM/bulb Chips ZES
Voltage DC 12V LED Quantity 8PCS
Color Temp. 6500K Application Temp -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan >8,000 hours Usage Headlight

Three questions to guide you know what CN360 7S headlight like!
Question one: How evolved of 7S Led Headlight H4
7S Led Headlight H4 is with next Gen zes chips which equipped with high reflective electroplated chrome material, .Redesigned External IC Driver and full aluminum external driver for high efficiency with RFI protection. What is more, 7S Led Headlight H4 is with 360° Adjustable chuck, Nano-waterproof design and full aluminum alloy body with anti-oxidation and corrosion resistant surface. All of these makes 7S become the classic headlight version in the market.
Question two: How is 7S Led Headlight product features?
1.Redesigned aluminum, ultra-thin radiator for maximum cooling.
2.Luminous efficient revamped by 15%, improve lighting distance down the road.
3.With the highest original car quality standards         
       ☇The design of the luminous flux matches the pattern of the original light bulbs.      
       ☇The increased brightness of high-power LED lights doesn't interfere with or glare to other drivers on the road.
4.New electroplating reflective design
       ☇Effectively reduces stray light.
       ☇Improve road illumination to ensure driving safety.
5.Upgraded electroplated reflective cup offers concentrated ligt pattern on the road.
Question three: Any installation evolved?
1. New oval shape design offers a compact size for convenience and a simple installation.
        ☇Smaller size, more space-saving
2. 360° adjustable base

        ☇ Eight locking pits can be fixed to your liking for a more appropriate beam angle.  
        ☇ One step process for an easy installation.


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